Book Reviews

“The Guide is simply the bible of impact investing. With an amazing worldwide research and an unprecedented level of depth, this guide gives the readers everything they need to know about impact Investing - ideas, practical advice, tools and stories of key players involved in this new market. Julia’s unique perspective and the in-depth practical experience helped me shape my journey in impact investing, catalyzing my family’s wealth.”

Luca Rancilio, Rancilio Cube family office, Italy

 “A must-read for all investors and advisers who want to be relevant in the future.”

Herman Wijffels, Dutch economist, professor, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

“Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned impact investor, the Guide is a must-read! Every time I enter a new phase in my impact investment journey, I find a corresponding chapter in the Guide. It serves as a roadmap which keeps me on course and inspires to enter new avenues. Earlier on, it helped me get a family buy-in, now I refer to it for due diligence approaches and impact measurement tools. By going beyond the technicalities, the Guide reveals impact investing’s philosophical and personal transformative potential. Whatever the challenge, I find in the Guide the tools, the language and the examples that help me accomplish my family’s and some of society’s most important goals.” 

Danielle Cohen Henriquez, NextGen, Belgium

"It is the most comprehensive and reader-friendly guide that I have seen so far. The global landscape that the author has been able to capture and the in-depth analysis of the impact investment field are truly impressive. This will become the must-have bible for all families and companies investing for impact."

Sushill Jiwarajka, private philanthropist and investor, India

“The Guide is the ultimate reference tool on impact investing. It caters to a global audience in an attractive style, and is fully comprehensive, yet easy to navigate. It deserves a wide distribution, and I am convinced that people in many quarters, professions, and geographies will come to appreciate it whenever they venture into and practice impact investing.”

Marie-Gabrielle Ineichen-Fleisch, State Secretary (Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs), Switzerland


"I really enjoyed the Guide. It is a pretty complete and an awesome way of learning how to invest for impact and getting updated on latest developments of this sector! Congratulations!” 

Alex Seibel, NextGen impact investor, Brazil

 “This Guide is an extraordinary resource - it is very practical, thoughtful, comprehensive, and accessible. It can be used by both experienced investors and people new to the field, and it is relevant to private wealth owners, institutional investors, and their advisers.”

Marilou van Golstein Brouwers, Chair of the Management Board, Triodos Investment Management, The Netherlands 

 “I am absolutely impressed by this Guide! Very comprehensive, well-written, expounding and substantiated with cases – one of the best, if not the best book in this domain.” 

Artak Melkonyan, UN Development Programme, Armenia

 “I've been working in impact investing for 10 years and it's the most hands-on and complete publication I've seen so far. It showcases impact investing by families, FOs, family foundations, businesses, and even investors on small budgets. It provides many detailed case studies, practical toolkits, explains how to build an impact investing program/portfolio, and outlines the recommended investment process. I can only recommend getting this Guide for yourself, or as a gift for your relatives, friends, or clients – you will be doing them a favor.”

Tim Radjy, Managing Partner, AlphaMundi Group, Switzerland

"Catalyzing Wealth for Change can be used as a compendium of possible ways forward for the practical-minded, experienced investor, or, for the novice investor, as an orientation Guide within the field. Dip into it, or read the Guide from beginning to end – there’s great value in either approach. Private investors, families, and hybrid philanthropic funders will find it to be the definitive source of information in impact investing for some years to come."

Ise Bosch, philanthropist and private investor, Germany

 “With this practical guide, Julia offers a unique tool for philanthropic families and their advisers."

Francis Mathieu, wealth adviser, Switzerland

 “Catalyzing Wealth for Change is a rigorous, thorough, and insightful guide to impact investor's preferences, behaviors, and needs. This practical tool helped us refine our work and provide an online product that comes as close as possible to meeting impact investor requirements.”

Brinduza Findanza, CEO, The Ground Up Center