About the Guide

The Guide’s objective is to provide the reader with a clear understanding of the field of impact investment, and with the practically applicable knowledge and tools necessary for the development and implementation of an impact investment program. 


1. Actionable knowledge

The Guide contains step-by-step guidance on the development and implementation of an impact investment program. It explains the particularities of selecting, analyzing, and managing impact investments, incorporates practical tips from private and institutional impact investors, and provides details of a broad range of practical tools and resources.

2. Peer learning

The Guide provides a comprehensive overview of the ways in which HNW families, their foundations, FOs, and family businesses engage in impact investing. It includes input from 167 private impact investors globally, collected through in-depth face-to-face interviews. 45 of these HNW families from 21 countries are profiled in case studies detailing their personal journeys, lessons learned, and the composition and performance of their impact investment portfolios.

3. Performance data

Catalyzing Wealth for Change offers solid evidence that impact investing can generate tangible societal impact, as well as attractive financial returns. The Guide provides the performance details of 12 private impact investment portfolios and a range of impact investment products across asset classes. It summarizes the track record of microfinance and the results of recent performance studies.

4. Helping advisers embrace the approach 

Recognizing key role of investment advisers in helping their clients align investments with their values, a chapter aimed specifically at them provides arguments in favor of becoming knowledgeable about impact investing, dispels common myths, summarizes various engagement approaches, and describes integration of impact investments into traditional portfolios.

5. Tailored style/structure

The Guide is developed in such a way as to benefit readers with different levels of experience in (impact) investing: it is written in non-technical language, beautifully designed, includes rich visuals and infographics, and its content is structured in several tiers for easy navigation, allowing it to be a helpful companion along the impact investment journey.

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