It is a real gem. It provides the reader with both practical knowledge and inspiration. In-depth, extremely well-structured, and digestible information about the sector is reinforced with invaluable practical tips. The true and unexpected bonus, though, is the incredible collection of open and detailed stories from wealth holders who were willing to share very personal information about their journeys and their investment strategies...."  

Roslyn Shaw, ex-director of CNBC, Founder and President of Alpha Grid


Preface, How to Navigate the Guide, Table of Contents, Executive Summary.


14 examples 
of successful impact investments across different asset classes and geographies.


Introduction to Impact Investing, involvement of wealth holders, their Family Offices and foundations – motivations, structures and approaches used.


18 Case Studies and Stories
of wealth holders active in impact investing.


Analysis of 10 key challenges of impact investing (from convincing your family to making and realizing impact investments), with solutions, based on “what worked” for other wealth holders, and practical tools and resources.


Major mistakes made and lesson learned 
by private impact investors (with mitigation tips).